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We are pleased to offer you our import airfreight services, primarily from the Far East (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) through our agents, which guarantees prompt and quality services always at a very competitive rate. 


Based on previous feedbacks from our clients, we understood that the key to a successful cooperation and fulfillment, why our clients always choose us depends on liaising and agreeing with the seller on the goods to be transported, precise documentation of these goods and competitive rates.


We excel through our expertise in the transportation of heavy load goods both in export and import terms. Weight is never a problem for us when it comes to airfreight, from a few hundred kg of goods to bigger full truck loads we manage these as one load successfully thanks to our network of partners at a more reasonable price than our multinational competitors do.


Always keeping in mind our client's interest we offer the option of customs clearance at many Central European and other European airports.


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